First Visit….


It’s the first day…today we meet the children who will be joining our family forever! 

We can’t wait! The Husband has ironed his shirt and polished his shoes. I’ve put on a mumsy top and sensible shoes, and we are off. It’s a three hour drive with some awful traffic but it will be worth it. Little did we know at this point how difficult this journey would be.
Well we are making good time so decide to stop for a coffee, a take away coffee in a stupid cup which I end up spilling down my single coloured top. Bloody marvellous! We now need to stop off at the next services so I can pick up a motorway services scarf. I find one in green so it matches my top, and the static isn’t to bad once you get used to it.
Before we meet the children we are having our placement meeting. Present will be our Social Worker, The Children’s Social Worker, her Team Leader, The Foster Carer and her Social Worker. It seems crazy to have this meeting just minutes before we meet The Children but what do I know?
The meeting due to start at 11 and we are to meet The Children an hour later. This timing worked as it meant we would be back in time for after school club.
The meeting didn’t last an hour it lasted two. A fair bit of that time was spent putting together a workable plan that should have been done and agreed days ago. We now have to try and jungle each day to accommodate their plan. Which of course we will do but why leave it so late to discuss it?
Meeting over we are itching to meet The Children. 
We are at The Foster Carers, we can see two heads bobbing about at the window, The Children’s Social Worker is also there. 
We walk in and boom! Two of the most amazing children coming running at us to say hi!

They are great, they are so well prepared for us. We are Mummy and Daddy straight away which is the oddest thing to hear. We spend 2 hours with them, reading, playing and just staring at them. 

They are perfect in every way, they are so special. Again I feel blessed, I found this children or they found me, whatever way it happened it was meant to be. I was told many a time this is how it would happen, how sceptical I was! But it’s true, the child/children will come. You just have to wait for the match. Easy to say I hear, but it’s true! I think back to that one moment when we were so close to calling it a day. Had we not had the holiday, had we not stayed in the resort we did we might not have met these children. Everything does happen for a reason. 
Today we met our children, we leave the house and I call my mum. 
Adoption forces you to say very little. I can’t put pictures on Facebook and call all my friends. I can’t because I need to keep them safe and I can’t because despite all we have been through already, they are not mine until we adopt them which is a long time away. 


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