The Story begins….

  Ok, so I’ve told you we’ve been matched. Which is amazing! We are very very lucky, excited and nervous all at the same time. I’ve never been told how kind and generous we must be to adopt.

I couldn’t disagree more! I’m very lucky, our family is blessed, we have two beautiful children joining our family in a matter of days. I’ve decided to be brutally honest, I’m not sugar coating anything…. Adoption is tough, and that’s before you meet the kids. 

Meeting The Children has been the most challenging and frustrating experience. Not because of The Children but because of the system that facilitates it. 

I believe my Children will bring me joy and pride and will only be of essence to my family. 

My experience of Social Services has not been a good one, and if I can offer one piece of advice to anyone thinking of Adoption, Research! Research, Research!

I personally would never go through my local council again, and they were ok. But…you adopt out of area, well that’s a whole new ball game. You best be incredibly tolerant, flexible and be able to switch off your emotions at the drop of a hat. Oh and a pot of money, because what they don’t tell you that out of area also means out of pocket. 

My journey as it begins….

Tomorrow is the first visit…….


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