We have a match!

  We took time to recover from the phone call. I decided to take the practical approach and went for “oh well, our time will come” what I didn’t expect was that our time was 7 days away!!

We have a match! We had enquired about 2 children weeks ago and having heard nothing back and had assumed we were not being considered.
Well how wrong we were. I can only liken it to being in the queue for The Big One at Blackpool. One minute your at the back of the queue with loads of people in front of you and then suddenly it’s your turn to get on. All you can do now is to move forward…..and brace yourself! 
So we are having the first meeting with the children’s Social Worker and our own at our house. I cleaned like I’ve never cleaned before…The Husband is in charge of tea so is currently staring at the teapot, to pot or not to pot? Oh well whatever works for him. 
Our Social Worker arrives first, we run through a bit more about the children and the the bell goes. I can honestly say  I’m petrified! 
What is were not what they are looking for? What if they don’t like us? What if the children don’t like dogs? 
It’s gone well, all questions have been asked and answered and The Husband and I are knackered! 

They all leave and it’s time for him and I to reflect.We both feel it went well, we’ve heard nothing that would change our mind. There is a silly grin on our faces, we are so excited! 
We are now officially on the roller coaster! 


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