D Day!

  Omg! We have had tough days on this Adoption journey but my goodness today’s it the toughest! 
We were asked to look at the profile of a child at the beginning of the month. We fell in love! 
We tick all the boxes and The Wee one ticks ours. Now all we have to do is wait patiently for the Child’s Social Worker and Family finder Social Worker to agree so we can take it to the next stage.
Today is that day, I’ve taken the day off for fear of missing the phonecall and The Husband is at work waiting for my phonecall with a decision.
My tummy is in knots! I’ve managed to make a coffee which is an achievement given the involentery shaking that started at about 10am! 

I’ve tried cleaning the house, however that’s come to a standstill for fear of not hearing the phone ringing over the noise of the vacume cleaner! 
So TV it is, however the rerun of Corrie does seem to be providing a slight distraction. Not enough to stop the shaking or the phone being checked every 2 minutes…. I know the meeting must be coming to an end and we should hear within the next hour….


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