The Child

So it’s day 2 of the holiday, the deep and contented sighs are coming from all 3 of us. The sun is out, the view of the sea is amazing and The Child is swimming with her new friend in the pool. The Husband and I are in the kitchen of the apartment right by the pool, we here The Child tell her new friends mummy “I’m adopted you know, and we are going to get another adopted child so I can have a brother or a sister” the friends mummy say ” that’s lovely, I’m adopted too, I was a baby when I was adopted”And there in lies the kick up the backside The Husband and I needed. This huge decision to stop was not just ours to make, we have a little girl who lives and breathes being a big sister. It’s with her all the time, it would be unfair to make this decision based on our own feelings. 

With this rejuvenated enthusiasm I switch on my phone and check my emails. And there it is,a sign it must be, we have an email regarding a child we enquired about over a month ago. 

I open the email and it advises us the child’s family finder has contacted ours with an update. We call ours straight away, Sod’s law! She’s left for the we leave a message and wait until tomorrow. 



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