Adoption Holiday

It’s Thursday before we leave on our week away in the sun. It’s The Husband, The Child and I that are going. The Teenager has opted to stay at home with The Boyfriend. It’s been a tough week, we attended an Activity Day a few weeks ago. A sibling group seemed to quite like us, as we did them. We expressed an interest and now I’m in the staff room at work on the phone to our Social Worker being told, were great! We are fab! We have so much to offer!The childrens Family finder thought so too…however due to us having 4 bedrooms and not 5 we’ve not been successful as the other family did.
Bam just like that the feeling of complete and utter failure. We intentionally played the chances are game so as to be prepared for the knock back but even still. It’s like you’ve accidentally put your car in reverse and not first. Boom the emotions are incredible irrespective of how prepare you think you are.
The Husband and I had talked endlessly about what we would do if we were not to be matched with these children. We agreed that we were nearly at the end of our adoption journey, and I’m now having that same converstation with our Social Worker. She is disappointed and asks us to take our holiday to really think about it. We agree we will catch up on our return. 


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