4 months post ratification 

Today’s a tough one, after campaigning for better processes and complaining about the inconsistencies through out the process we are met with a complete wall. A total defence, we did not question individuals, we questioned a system. A system that has recurring flaws. One that appears to thrive on negativity and one that despite the importance of time, actively chooses to delay decisions and to take the long way round at every opportunity. 
My heart goes out to the child that goes to bed for another night in a place that is not home. 
Why when systems are so closely analysed and audited, when poor performance is managed, why is one of the most important government services allowed to function at a inadequate standard? My experience as a Nurse plays into my questioning of the poor performance. 
I have  accountability, a responsibility,  a code of conduct that says if I do not do my job properly then I will be face my peers and I will have to justify my actions. 
I would say on a daily basis I affect someone’s life. I would say the same for a Social Worker, so who do they have to answer too? 


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