Deciding to adopt

We have great kids and we feel very blessed. So why adopt? One of many questions that we had to ask ourselves.

Spoilt doggy!
Spoilt doggy!

Well for a start we both want a big family, we come from relatively small families and we both quite like the idea of “The Waltons”, Christmas dinner in our 60’s with a dozen grandchildren sounds like heaven!

It also helps that The Husband adopted both the girls so we felt like we had an idea as to the process of Adoption and what it would entail.

So having given it a good go at doing things naturally and having spent 4 years with a calendar in hand and The Husband on speed dial so’s not to miss ‘That Window’ and a monthly depression that arrived when the period did. We decided to take control and throw away the thermometer and the ovulation kits and to look at other options.

Surprisingly this is when The Dog played a big part in our decision making.

The Dog was not ment to be our dog, we didn’t really want a dog.
It was a sunny day and The Teenager hadn’t been feeling well. We decided to go out for some fresh country air and see the horses.

We walked and we talked and we ended up in the Stables reception, and there she was…..skinny tall and crackers! As we walked in she jumped on the counter and stood looking down at us.

Next thing I know we’re walking around the ménage with said dog on a lead! The Teenager was smitten, smile plastered on her face. The boot was opened and in she jumped, she had picked us to be her family and now I just had to persuade The Husband….

The Husband arrived home and was greated by The Dog who ran to him with a bone as a gift for him. The Husbands face said it all, he was not taken by her and it was going to take more than a bone.

We carried on with getting the dinner on and The Childs bath time and then as a family we sat in the living room to talk Dog.

The Dog watched The Husband from her space on the floor. Then she got up and placed herself at his feet, head rested on his knee…..and that was it she was home.


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